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LuaSPOT is a script execution environment on SunSPOT, which of course uses Lua as the scripting language. The Lua script is executed using Kahlua, a Lua virtual machine implemented in Java.

LuaSPOT allows you to develop applications in Lua scripting language and run the applications on the Sun SPOT. Each application contains one or more function that can be invoked by sending a message in a certain format to the Sun SPOT. Therefore, we can see the Sun SPOT as a service provider that contains services which can be executed remotely.

This LuaSPOT package contains two applications. The first one is LuaSPOT itself which will be installed on the Sun SPOT. The second one is LuaDeskSpot which is a desktop application that can be used to send messages to the Sun SPOT and do a certain task that shows the service invocation.

This work was done as part of Network Programming course at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. The work was supervised by Rudolf Strijkers.





MIT License


Fajran Iman Rusadi ()


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